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South Russell Village Hall
5205 Chillicothe Rd.
South Russell, Ohio 44022

TEL: 440.338.6700
FAX: 440.338.8776

Village Hall


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On behalf of all the village officials, welcome to the Village of South Russell. South Russell is home of over 4000 residents. Located at the western edge of Geauga County, the village is approximately 4 miles long by 1 mile wide. As part of the Chagrin Falls School System, South Russell is home to over fifty percent of the students.

The elected officials are committed to provide an effective, fiscally responsible local government focused upon serving our residents. We have adopted the following mission statement to stay focused upon the most crucial aspects:

The mission of South Russell Village is to serve the residents of the Village by:

· Providing a high level of essential services

· Planning for future needs while preserving the character of the Village

· Promoting an attitude of professionalism and impartiality among Village officials and employees in a fiscally responsible manner.

We are privileged to have a combination of dedicated and caring department heads, employees and elected officials, along with concerned and active residents.

I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us by calling village hall at440-338-6700, writing us at 5205 Chillicothe Road, South Russell, Ohio 44022 or sending an e-mail through the website.


Mayor Matthew E. Brett

South Russell Village Hall
5205 Chillicothe Road
South Russell, Ohio 44022
Tel: 440.338.6700
Fax: 440.338.8776

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

South Russell ~ Show Your Colors

Each year since 1989, a group of volunteer residents from the Village of South Russell have proudly decorated the village in the red, white and blue.

We need your help to continue this grand tradition.

Flags are flown from the utility poles on Bell Road,East Washington Street and Chillicothe Road.

The first season is early summer when flags are raised for the Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day holidays. Flags are then removed and raised in the last week in August for the Labor Day holiday. They are stored till late fall and raised for Election Day and Veteran's Day. After November 11th the flags are removed, as weather permits, for winter storage.

The flags have flown on other occasions and special situations.

Extreme weather conditions take a toll on the flags and the poles.

Flags, poles and hardware are purchased through private donations of the village residents and other patriotic Americans.
A flag and hardware costs $20.00.

Show your pride in this great country by purchasing a flag
to be flown in the village.

Please send donations to:
S.R.- Show Your Colors
South Russell Village Hall
5205 Chillicothe Road
South Russell, Ohio 44022

Your help is also needed by volunteering to proudly raise the flags for the summer, August 25th through the 30th, and fall,October 21st - 29th.

Volunteering is a great way to meet other patriotic neighbors.

Please contact the chairman,
Pete Moissis at 440.823.2199 if you can help.


Park Committee and Cemetery Board.

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